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We keep things simple to keep your costs down!

About Us

There really isn't an "us" here - it's just me! I work a normal 40+ hour a week job at a local family owned tool store along with running this website. This is more of a hobby at this point so I try to keep things simple for everyone so that I can keep my costs down and your prices will reflect that. If I have to add a fancy shopping cart system that costs $30.00/month, guess who ultimately pays for that? That's right, those costs get passed right along to you the buyer just like if I owned a brick & mortar store. I know my shopping cart system isn't the best, but it's free to me and I don't have to worry about it getting hacked by some kid sitting in his basement eating Cheetos with nothing else better to do with his time.

If there's ever anything that you feel needs improvement, please contact me and I will see what I can do.

Shipping Information

We will use USPS Priority Mail shipping 99% of the time. Shipping charges are flat rate based on the order amount. Insurance is included up to $50.00 - Insurance beyond that amount can be purchased for a flat fee of $3.50.

Shipping Fees: