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Shipping Policy

As can be seen to the right, the shipping charges are based on the amount of your order. I feel that this is the best method for me to determine shipping rather than having to enter the weight of each and every item that I sell. The postal service has really stepped up to the plate with all of the different flat & regional rate boxes they offer now. Not only that, they deliver 6 days a week instead of 5 like UPS & Fed-Ex and they deliver to PO Boxes!

Insuring your shipment is entirely up to you. The postal service provides free insurance up to $50.00 on all shipments and anything beyond that is an additional cost. I decided on doing a flat fee for that as well at $3.50 so if your order would cost me $5.00 to insure for the purchase value, you would only pay the $3.50 and the rest comes out of my pocket. I have had very good luck with the postal service over the years and they have NEVER lost or damaged a Priority Mail shipment.

All shipping charges shown in the site are for US orders only. Please email me for a quote if you are outside of the US.

Shipping Information

We will use USPS Priority Mail shipping 99% of the time. Shipping charges are flat rate based on the order amount. Insurance is included up to $50.00 - Insurance beyond that amount can be purchased for a flat fee of $3.50.

Shipping Fees: